Monday, September 3, 2012

0 4 Things to Remember When Designing a Custom Website

When designing an attractive website there are a number of things to consider, and among these things brand logo is sufficiently import which is commonly overlooked by the viewers. Most of the time brand logo on the website is ignored unless the brand has a strong identity. For instance you cannot ignore Nike swoosh one Nike website, same goes with Apple, Pepsi, McDonald’s or other reputable brands in various different industries. The first thing to understand is that what a logo is. A logo is not just a mark, it represents business commercial brand through fonts, shapes, symbols and colors. A logo is sued for inspire trust, admiration and recognition for a brand, product or company and designing a logo actually builds an identity that will do its job. 

  1. A logo must be describable means that it clearly defines business processes and that it should be relevant to the brand for which it is designed. Putting brand initial in the logo design will clearly describes that brand and the business. For instance, the McDonald’s “M” or “arches” clearly describes that it represents McDonald’s. The actual brand name doesn’t have to be there for customers to know that M represents McDonald’s.

  1. On the other hand a logo must be memorable which means that customers clearly acknowledge the relevant brand for which a symbol has been used. For instance, Nike’s swoosh is a trademark for Nike products. Using a similar symbol right from the start will be memorized by the customers. 

  1. According to Airey, logos should be efficient without colors and must be scalable. This means that logos should be flexible enough that they are not entirely dependent on colors. For instance, if we remove colors from a logo it should not become difficult for customers to recognize the actual brand.

  1. Finally a logo should be sizeable enough to fit within an inch size. For instance, the Facebook’s small letter, blue color “f” only represents Facebook, no matter of which size it is placed on a webpage on anywhere else.


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