Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1 Logo Design Pros Develops a Creative Logo for D Oro Coffee

Logo Design Pros is world-renowned design company that offers top-quality, professional services to clients worldwide. We have expert designers who have more than 7 years of experience in the field of logo and design and have served over 30 diverse industries. Our designers’ work bears testimony to their talent and skill in the vast field of design and is the reason behind our huge success.  The company provides a dedicated account manager who not only streamlines the project but also resolves Logo Design Pros complaints.

Logo Design Pros portfolio contains creative and professional logo designs that speaks volumes about the breadth of talent and expertise of our designers. The Logo Design Pros portfolio is a source of inspiration for amateur designers who can find effective use of design trends and principles to develop professional identities. You can call our toll-free number to lodge Logo Design Pros complaints and highlight any design issues. Our customer service staff immediately responds to Logo Design Pros complaints.

D’ Oro Coffee is creative logo available in Logo Design Pros portfolio. The logo was designed for a cafĂ© that offers various types of coffee. The logo is a mix of typography and illustration that makes the logo appealing. The designer has rounded edges to effectively communicate a soft and friendly image of the brand. The image is simple and literal that highlights that the brand serves hot, steamy coffee.

The brown color not only represents coffee but also signifies the strong customer relationship that the brand enjoys. It also speaks about the cozy and comfortable environment that customers enjoy at D’ Oro Coffee. However, the grey color of the word “coffee” conveys that D ’Oro Coffee is such a treat that the consumers lose the track of time while drinking it. The typography of the logo communicates the friendly nature of the business.

D ’Oro Coffee is a great addition to Logo Design Pros portfolio that is created by our industry-specific designers. Logo Design Pros portfolio is a testament to the skills and expertise of our designers who are known for providing top-quality design services. To avoid Logo Design Pros complaints, we provide unlimited revisions until the client is satisfied.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

3 Providing Exceptional Logo Design Services Around the Globe

Logo Design Pros, a premier logo design company, has provided first-rate logo and web design services to the clients around the globe. They key to our success lies in our talented designers who have worked for more than 45 different industries, producing top-quality, professional designs according to our clients’ specific requirements. Logo Design Pros services are highly customized that lend our customers a leading edge over their competitors. What’s more, our services are highlight affordable, and we not only serve the design needs of large organizations but also small- and medium-sized companies and even startups with limited financial resources.

The Logo Design Pros services have gained well-earned reputation for their creativity and professionalism, designed for all types of customers and organizations. The GWG Outlet logo is a great example of the creative genius of our ace designers, and is another gem of Logo Design Pros services. GWG Outlet is a gift shop that offers a wide range of gift items. In the logo, the designer has skillfully used 3 different colors to build a strong and impactful visual identity.

The red color stimulates people to take quick decision and connotes warmth and joy. Gifts are the means to express love and the red color in the emblem truly reflects those feelings. In some cultures, red is also the color of traditional gifts such as Christmas gifts and 40th wedding gifts. The grey color of the outlet maintains the color coherency and represents endurance of the gift items. Grey is a cool, neutral color that indicates the formal and sophisticated collection of the gift store.

The illustration in the logo represents the Ram that is symbol of pride and honor. The symbol in the emblem shows that gift items of GWG outlet will win the hearts of the recipient of the gift. These gifts are a symbol of pride as they are unique and exclusive. The typography of the logo is well-spaced that represents firmness and stability. It also represents the consistency of quality gift items available at the store.

The GWG outlet logo clearly demonstrates the talent and creativity of Logo Design Pros services. We provide strong branding solutions that are divided into different categories, depending on various business needs and budgets. The Logo Design Pros services aim to provide nothing but the best to its clients.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

10 High Quality Logo Design Pros Services

Logo Design pros is a well-known logo design company that offers creative and professional logo design services to its client around the globe. The company employs an in-house team of professional and experienced designers who have created professional logos for more than 45 diverse industries. Logo Design Pros services are highly affordable, and the company serves not only large organizations but also small- and medium-sized businesses. The company has designed its logo packages tailored to the specific needs of small and large companies alike.

The Logo Design Pros services cater to both low-end and high-end clients, providing them with quality branding solutions. In its top-tier Logo Design Pros services, Ultimate Logo Package, the company offers 360 branding solutions to businesses. Starting from a professional logo to user-friendly web design to creatively designed social media pages.

The package offers unlimited logo design concepts until the client is satisfied. This gives the client a diverse range of logo designs that depicts the true essence of brand message. The logo design that we offer comes with ICPBB (International Copyright Protection Bureau for Brands) certificate that guarantees copyright protection.
This is not all. We also provide custom web designs that allow our clients to establish a strong online presence. The W3C certified HTML web design comes with 10 stock photos, 10 email addresses and cross browser compatibility. We strive to comply with international standards in our design concepts with W3C and ICPBB certificates. The free social media page design and stationery design helps the client maintain a consistent brand image with its internal and external stakeholders.

To ensure our clients maintain their strong online presence, we also submit the websites on various search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo. The blog page design allows businesses to establish a branded informative page. All Logo Design Pros services come with 100% money back guarantee.

The Logo Design Pros services provide strong branding solutions that are divided into different categories, depending on various business needs and budgets. You can choose any of our logo design package that is most suitable to your branding purpose and budget. The Logo Design Pros services offer nothing but the best quality work.

Friday, May 3, 2013

2 Glitzern Logo by Logo Design Pros

Logo Design Pros is one of the leading logo design companies. The Logo Design Pros’ portfolio boasts a breadth of talent and expertise of its designers who have crafted creative, appealing logos for more than 45 diverse industries. The Logo Design Pros portfolio demonstrates creative use of design trends used for designing logos.

Glitzern is one of the creative logo designs available in Logo Design Pros portfolio. Glitzern is a professional photography company. The logo is a mix of typography and illustration. The logo has a grayish black background that denotes power and energy. Black is also the color of hidden, secretive powers.

The design of the logo is made of the color white that represents purity and innocence. The color white also symbolizes a new beginning. It is the color of perfection and excellence. The designer has creatively played with the color by using the lighter hues of both the colors. This merges the colors perfectly well and creates visual harmony.

Bold fonts is a symbol of seriousness and professionalism and the typography in the logo represents that the organization is experienced and proficient in providing quality photography services. The all-caps imply that the brand has strong authority over its profession. Also, the all-caps font forms a box shape that represents the compactness and comprehensiveness of its services.

The designer has gimmicked with the letter ‘G” in the image to give an artistic touch to the logo. The camera clearly tells what the company is all about. The emblem uses straight, block lines to represent the steadfastness and firmness of the brand.

Glitzern, which can rightly be termed as a gem in Logo Design Pros’ portfolio, speaks volumes about the creativity and talent of the company’s masterful designers.  The budding young designers should try and learn from the numerous design masterpieces that the Logo Design Pros portfolio contains.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

3 The Classy Logo of After 10

Logo Design Pros has crafted for a number of companies and individuals. Logo Design Pros portfolio is a testament to the skill and expertise of professional logo designers. Logo Design Pros Portfolio contains highly creative logos for more than 45 industries. After 10 is one of their artistic logos, designed for a designer shoe boutique. The brand offers custom-made and well-designed shoes for girls above the age of 10. The logo is a mix of typography and illustration. The pink and black shoe in the logo represents their unique shoe collection. The pink color represents the feminine touch while black defines classiness. The designer has creatively placed “10” in the shoe that talks about the skills of the designer.

In the After 10 logo that is available in Logo Design Pros Portfolio, you can see the designer has used sleek and thin fonts throughout, representing the sophistication and elegance of the brand. The Helvetica font, a san Serif font, is a symbol of simplicity. As is clearly evident, overall the designer has maintained the simplicity of the brand by using minimal design elements and simple fonts.

The name of the brand is written in orange color font that depicts creativity and innovation. Orange is a color that stimulates creativity and maintains endurance. It also portrays that the brand is committed to producing quality shoes. The brand depicts itself as a symbol of style and grandeur.

The second half of the brand name is written in pink color to show the compassion and dedication of the brand in producing branded shoes. The color pink is a mixture of red and white color. The red color depicts action and passion while white symbolizes genuineness. The power and passion of the red color is softened with the pureness of white color. The combination red and white produces a pink hue that represents gentle love and care that the designers at After 10 practice to produce the unique collection of shoes.

The emblem contains curvy lines at the top of the image and the sides of the text. It represents the sophistication and flexibility of the brand. The double-curved lines create an image of contour curves that represents idealism and buoyancy of the brand. 

After 10, a great addition to Logo Design Pros portfolio, that speaks volumes about the creativity and skills of the designers. Logo Design Pros portfolio can be an inspiration to young designers as it contains the creative incorporation of design trends in various industries.

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