Saturday, February 21, 2015

1 Logo Design Pros Reviews Explainer Videos - Are you missing out on this marketing trend?

You may have the best product or service, but it’s difficult for you to spread the message across and get noticed by customers with conventional advertising tools. Consider putting out an explainer video! Did you know that 85 percent of the web traffic predicted to be coming from videos in 2014? And such videos have started to dominate over big social video sharing sites like Youtube and Vimeo. In this regard, watching online videos has now become a mainstream activity of your visitors. So, businesses must take advantage of it.

Logo Design pros is a revolutionary platform that allows business professionals and educators to have eye-popping design solutions and animations for their companies. Other than providing logo and web development services, one of the most prominent services of Logo Design Pros is video animation. You can find an extensive array of video animations at Logo Design Pros website, and Explainer video is one of a kind.

An explainer video is basically a very well thought-out, short video that explains what a company or its product does. It explains the W’s of any product or service that are answered through motion, visuals, information and entertainment. This video type usually has interesting visuals and a compelling voice over that helps narrate the story.  Such videos help businesses to build strong engagement with their clients and evoke and provoke emotions in the viewer. Therefore, a good explainer video combines live actions of your business’s (products or services) processes with Animations.

This is the reason; explainer videos have become popular in business industry as it takes few minutes to convince a person that your business is worth buying from. These also increase your B2B and B2C sales and even benefit companies in their search engine optimization plans.

The video animation service at Log Desgn Pros always makes your business come to life and even explains the complex and common aspects of your product/ service with clarity to your target audience. One of the most appreciated examples of explainer video from Logo design Pros portfolio is shown below. Take a quick peek at one of the masterpiece of Logo design pros explainer video animation and see how it is complimented by our valuable customers in Logo Design Pros reviews

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

0 Things That Users Hate About Your Website

Usually when you visit any website- either it’s an ecommerce one or information gathering, what is that thing which can annoy you the most and drives you crazy? Chances are, it is something that hamper your user experience.

When any website takes too long to load, and a pop up of advertisement comes in between, that can be the most annoying thing for the visitor. Alike these, there are some other obstacles that people hate the most on your websites. We listed down few of those things that a bad website usually shows-up.

When there is too much Text
According to various studies, users read twenty-eight percent of the pages and ignore the rest. Too much text quickly makes your visitor off, so try make them count. Relevant and needed information should be shared in dynamic ways that can engage the reader easily and boost your web conversion rates too.

When it takes too long to load
As we all know that we live in a world where people have instant gratification. When a visitor, visits your website, they want it to load speedily. Studies also show that more than 40% of your web audience leave visiting your page if it takes more time than 3 sec in loading. This indeed can be a major threat for any business sales goals.

When it is not Responsive
As more rise of mobile usage is observed, sixty percent of the internet browsing is done on mobile devices. Ultimately, it means that a good website should be optimized for all screens.

The Pop-ups are annoying too
More than 80% of the web users hate whopping pop-ups. The reason to this is they hinder user experience and break visitor’s engagement the most.

When Videos are Auto-played
The Auto-play of videos is again a very disturbing thing for web visitors and is considered as the most hated advertising tactic. Website owners can deal with this tactic by keeping the video silent as already done by Facebook too.

Other than these there are several other small infuriating things that can be avoided on websites. However, to avoid these annoying things on a website, you need to get it developed from experienced and reputable web developing team. Logo Design Pros is evident in providing seamless design related services to its clientele from decades. Their designers have designed award winning websites that are mostly complimented by the customers for their flawless user experience and graphics. You can also give your feedback on our projects in Logo Design Pros Reviews.

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