Thursday, January 16, 2014

1 Illustrative Logo Design of Easy Fold Created By Logo Design Pros

Logo Design Pros has created a simple yet appealing logo for a company that manufactures easy to fold blankets. The logo design requirements of Easy Fold were an illustrative logo with a corporate look. The color requirements from the client were red & black. 

Logo Design Pros assigned the logo design project to its 5 industry specific designers, who have more than 6 years of experience in creating logos for textile industry. The logo designers creatively played with the first letter of the brand name ‘E’ and created an illustration of ‘easy to fold’. To add an exceptional look to the illustration, designers gave 3D touch which is also making it clearly understandable to the target audience. The smooth edges and round curves showing the easiness in folding the blankets manufactured by the Easy Fold.  

The logo designers selected solid hues of red color that are making the illustration, attractive and unique while the typography of the brand name is done in solid black color. The black color denotes perfection & professionalism. It also portrays brand’s supremacy among its competitors.  The incorporation of red illustration and black typography have added much needed perfection to the logo. 

The logo designers have not only succeeded in projecting the brand’s business philosophy, but the logo has also brought numerous positive Logo Design Pros reviews. The logo is a good addition to Logo Design Pros portfolio that contains thousands of top quality logo designs representing more than 45 diverse industries. 
Logo Design Pros is not only providing professional & affordable logo design, the company also offers an ultimate branding solution that includes website design, web development, custom social media page designs, search engine submission, stationery design sets and print collaterals.  For placing a logo design order or any other inquires please visit our website

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1 Luxury Hair Plus Typographic Logo Design Created by Logo Design Pros

typographic logo design

Logo Design Pros, a leading logo design company, provides top-quality, professional logo and website design services to large and small businesses around the globe. We have a team of expert logo designers who have been associated with the field of professional logo designing for more than 8 years. The Logo Design Pros portfolio contains a variety of professionally designed logos that speak for the expertise of the designers.

Luxury Hair Plus is a logo designed by Logo Design Pros for a salon.  The logo has an illustration of human-hair, creatively drawn with a play of letter ‘L’ that is talking about the nature of the client’s business.  
The brand name depicts an impression that the brand believes in providing only the best salon services that are customized to perfection. For this, the logo designers used contemporary fonts with round curves to create a simple yet exceptional logo. 

The logo designers have used two different colors: grey and aquamarine. The grey color of the logo brings in the natural look of the hair. Grey is the lighter hue of the color black which is the most dominant human hair color. This also promotes that Luxury Hair Plus has proficiency in providing premium salon services. The use of aquamarine color adds a classy and feminine look to the overall logo design and portrays that client is offering a complete solution to all types of hair problems.

The creative use of hair illustration & typography resulted in an attractive logo design created for a saloon. The logo communicates in three ways, firstly the illustration of human hair, secondly the luxury font style and third web address. We have received numerous Logo Design Pros reviews as the logo went public.

Monday, January 13, 2014

1 Highly Professional Brochure Design Created By Logo Design Pros

brochure designing

Dr. Beverly’s provides garden & landscape designing and repair services. Logo Design Pros has designed an informative brochure that strongly depicts client’s business philosophy. Designers selected different hues of green and blue and created an appealing theme for the brochure. 

Green color denotes nature & life while the blue is for freshness & trust. To give brochure an overall corporate look and feel, a professional font style has been used. It also adds a contemporary touché to the overall brochure design. 

Best Selection of Images
Images add life to the brochure.  The designers chose the right images and created a functional brochure design by using the client’s projects as images. For best print results, it is important to have all images in required pixel resolution.  The designers have taken care of the correct image resolution according to the requirements.

Professional Brochure Alignment
A brochure will lose its functionality, if alignment is not done properly. For this, the designers have properly aligned the images and topography of the brochure according to the client’s requirements. The designer also did the appropriate printing and scaling so that our client will get the best printed version of the brochure.
The brochure is a great addition to the Logo Design Pros portfolio. According to the client feedback, the brochure helped him achieve its marketing goal. This has also generated positive Logo Design Pros reviews. If you are interesting in getting a professionally designed brochure, Logo Design Pros can provide you affordable brochure package that includes custom theme, unique content and high quality images that strongly reflect your business philosophy.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

0 Logo Design Pros Created a Trendy logo for Montesano Vision Center

Logo Design Pros is internationally-renowned company that provides professional and creative logos to more than 45 diverse industries world-wide. We have qualified and experienced industry specified designers who are committed to providing custom & creative logo designs and this is what makes Logo Design Pros stand out among its competitors. Logo Design Pros has diverse and rich portfolio containing thousands of inspirational logo designs. Which is one of the major reasons, why client finds it comforting to let our designers infuse their creativity with concepts; In case of the Montesano Vision Center, our designers came up with the concept of creating a mix of typographic and illustrative logo that shows an eye with the last ‘O’ of Montesano. The concept was simple-to show the client’s main service, providing vision care services. The logo consists of two colors - dark turquoise and black. Turquoise is a combination of blue and green. The blue color symbolizes health and green color represents nature. The designers selected a unique tone of turquoise that gives a contemporary touch to the logo. The second half of the brand name is written in black color that depicts power and excellence. It also portrays the dedication of the brand for providing premium eye-care services. Designers have creatively arranged the typography and created an inspirational logo that is second to none. Montesano Vision Center is available in Logo Design Pros’ portfolio that speaks breadth about the expertise of the designers. There were immediate positive Logo Design Pros reviews as soon as the logo went public.

Friday, January 3, 2014

0 Logo Design Pros Created an Elegant Logo for Le Bellla

Designed for a Fashion Store, the logo is a depiction of elegant and femininity. The clarity and simplicity in logo design brings harmony and attraction. The designers have kept the overall design simple and attractive. The logo consists of unique and functional letter shapes that are related to each other, based on easy to recognize typography.  

It’s a bicolor logo, pink and black. Pink is a mixture of the color red and white.  Red color symbolizes passion and white color denotes purity. Pink is a feminine color. The designers chose a unique hue of pink that gives a shiny touch to the brand’s name. It also speaks about the high quality service standard. The black color represents elegance and elitism of the brand.  It is also giving an appealing look to the brand name.
Le Bella logo is a great addition to Logo Design Pros portfolio that creatively depicts true essence of fashion industry. Logo Design Pros portfolio is a testament to the skills and expertise of its designers who are famous for providing elite design services. We offer flexible logo design packages that suit the design needs of large, medium and small size businesses. For 100% client’s satisfaction, we offer money back guarantee.  This also shows our eagerness for providing you only the best. 

 The client is fully satisfied with our design service. You can read testimonials at Logo Design Pros reviews. 

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