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0 Logo Design Pros Reviews Latest trends in Web Fonts

Ever since several of the web font tools have grown tremendously, our choices along with it have grown too. Web font development data can facilitate us to make sense of all those new choices—and give insight into which typefaces are functioning well on the web, and which might even be overused. Let us explore where to find data on the popular font tools, and how we can avail the benefit and information from them.

Google Fonts
The most popular web fonts can be sorted by total views. The font open sans is quite notable as it is viewed three times more than other fonts available. Google’s dominant three fonts for the last 30 days are:
  • Open sans
  • Roboto 
  • Oswald 
Font SquirrelFiltered by ‘webfont’ and sorted by ‘popularity’ Font squirrel yields its top three fonts as:
  • GoodDog
  • Quicksand
  • Open Sans updates its list of most popular web fonts monthly. Trade Gothic was on the top spot on February list, in recent years Avenir Next has grown a lot in popularity. top three web fonts are:
  • Trade Gothic
  • Avenir Next
  • Neue Helvetica

Font Deck
Font deck has the most popular serif, sans serif and script. Along with sorting all the font families by popularity, here’s top three for Font Deck:
  • Proxima Nova
  • Apercu
  • Bliss
Typekit does not share the popular fonts by the number of views but by the most favorite. When the ‘favorite’ button was introduced in 2011, the most adored font was Adelle, but Typekit’s most favorite three fonts are:
  • Museo Sans
  • Adelle
  • Proxima Nova
All fonts listed on FontSpring have web licenses. Their list of popular web fonts is a bit unclear but they do some of the common web fonts it their top three which we have seen before. FontSpring popular fonts are:
  • Proxima Nova
  • Museo Sans
  • Museo
Webtype has a bit unique filtering system; it includes advanced filtering and intended size filtering for finding the perfect small or large web fonts for the website. They filter web fonts on the basis of ‘most recent’ and ‘popular’
  • Gill Sans
  • Benton Sans
  • Ibis
There’s not a single angel to look at this data trend. The top fonts are popular because they might have tremendous font hinting, or maybe just because they have been simply used on the top web sites. It is however on the designer himself to interpret the subsequent trends and use them in the context of his projects and assignments.

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1 Logo Design Pros Reviews Mega- Sites and its Navigation

logo design pros
 For many websites navigation is often not very challenging. For basics a simple navigation bar, supported by sub navigation bars is enough. The purpose of a navigation bar is to show the parent, children and siblings of the current page. But this traditional navigation falls short for one class of websites; let’s refer to them as “Mega-sites”. A mega sized is typically owned by a typically large organization that consists of a massive range of products and services, portfolios or even a diverse range of campaigns. These websites are usually extremely large, they are many levels deep, they are also made up of numerous subsections and micro websites, and they cater to a large number of audiences, and have multiple entry points. Due to their size and complexity they require some of the exceptional navigational tools. It can be pretty challenging to work on mega websites with traditional navigation.

According to many designers it is not possible to implement traditional navigation on such mega websites. Navigation to an extent can only house three levels; beyond that only two things occur. Either the navigation reached up to that point where more screen is dedicated to navigation links than to content. Or either the high number of pages is no longer included in the navigation. In the second case if the user is deep within your website they will lose track of where they are as they won’t be able to see where the current page fits within the website. 

There are many solutions available to above mentioned problems. Designers of Logo Design Pros were asked to share tips and solutions and here are what they come up with. Firstly, what designers can do to work on the navigation of mega websites is to add standalone documents on the websites and add Meta data. Users will be able to find the respective section with appropriate combinations of search and navigation tabs. Secondly another helpful tip is to divide the website into micro sites each related to different information regarding the offering of the websites. Dividing the websites into micro websites also allows the designers to design he websites differently than the other, add the full content as well.    

Saturday, February 21, 2015

1 Logo Design Pros Reviews Explainer Videos - Are you missing out on this marketing trend?

You may have the best product or service, but it’s difficult for you to spread the message across and get noticed by customers with conventional advertising tools. Consider putting out an explainer video! Did you know that 85 percent of the web traffic predicted to be coming from videos in 2014? And such videos have started to dominate over big social video sharing sites like Youtube and Vimeo. In this regard, watching online videos has now become a mainstream activity of your visitors. So, businesses must take advantage of it.

Logo Design pros is a revolutionary platform that allows business professionals and educators to have eye-popping design solutions and animations for their companies. Other than providing logo and web development services, one of the most prominent services of Logo Design Pros is video animation. You can find an extensive array of video animations at Logo Design Pros website, and Explainer video is one of a kind.

An explainer video is basically a very well thought-out, short video that explains what a company or its product does. It explains the W’s of any product or service that are answered through motion, visuals, information and entertainment. This video type usually has interesting visuals and a compelling voice over that helps narrate the story.  Such videos help businesses to build strong engagement with their clients and evoke and provoke emotions in the viewer. Therefore, a good explainer video combines live actions of your business’s (products or services) processes with Animations.

This is the reason; explainer videos have become popular in business industry as it takes few minutes to convince a person that your business is worth buying from. These also increase your B2B and B2C sales and even benefit companies in their search engine optimization plans.

The video animation service at Log Desgn Pros always makes your business come to life and even explains the complex and common aspects of your product/ service with clarity to your target audience. One of the most appreciated examples of explainer video from Logo design Pros portfolio is shown below. Take a quick peek at one of the masterpiece of Logo design pros explainer video animation and see how it is complimented by our valuable customers in Logo Design Pros reviews

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0 Things That Users Hate About Your Website

Usually when you visit any website- either it’s an ecommerce one or information gathering, what is that thing which can annoy you the most and drives you crazy? Chances are, it is something that hamper your user experience.

When any website takes too long to load, and a pop up of advertisement comes in between, that can be the most annoying thing for the visitor. Alike these, there are some other obstacles that people hate the most on your websites. We listed down few of those things that a bad website usually shows-up.

When there is too much Text
According to various studies, users read twenty-eight percent of the pages and ignore the rest. Too much text quickly makes your visitor off, so try make them count. Relevant and needed information should be shared in dynamic ways that can engage the reader easily and boost your web conversion rates too.

When it takes too long to load
As we all know that we live in a world where people have instant gratification. When a visitor, visits your website, they want it to load speedily. Studies also show that more than 40% of your web audience leave visiting your page if it takes more time than 3 sec in loading. This indeed can be a major threat for any business sales goals.

When it is not Responsive
As more rise of mobile usage is observed, sixty percent of the internet browsing is done on mobile devices. Ultimately, it means that a good website should be optimized for all screens.

The Pop-ups are annoying too
More than 80% of the web users hate whopping pop-ups. The reason to this is they hinder user experience and break visitor’s engagement the most.

When Videos are Auto-played
The Auto-play of videos is again a very disturbing thing for web visitors and is considered as the most hated advertising tactic. Website owners can deal with this tactic by keeping the video silent as already done by Facebook too.

Other than these there are several other small infuriating things that can be avoided on websites. However, to avoid these annoying things on a website, you need to get it developed from experienced and reputable web developing team. Logo Design Pros is evident in providing seamless design related services to its clientele from decades. Their designers have designed award winning websites that are mostly complimented by the customers for their flawless user experience and graphics. You can also give your feedback on our projects in Logo Design Pros Reviews.

For details, contact our web experts bdialing: 18664555646

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2 Logo design Pros offers exclusive Thanksgiving deals on all Logo’s and Web design Packages

Thanksgiving Deals Logo Design pros

Every business requires a prominent identity that can translate its values, nature, and philosophy to the target audience. In order to establish a professional corporate identity, businesses need to have an effective logo and to connect with their customers they require an impressive, user-friendly website. It becomes difficult for businesses to hire professional design companies, especially when they are on a shoestring budget. Many of them look for traditional days and special seasons throughout the year to avail discounted offers and packages.

Unlike other design companies, Logo design pros offer high quality design services at the most affordable and unbeatable rates. With Thanksgiving around the corner, businesses are eagerly looking for exciting offers and discounts on online design services. In this regard, Logo Design Pros also provides a way for its clients to celebrate this season by offering exclusive thanksgiving deals with 80% discount on all the logo’s and web design packages along with hundred-percent money back guarantee.

Logo Design Pros is the ideal online design company that provides startups, large and small businesses with a variety of logo design packages. At this thanksgiving season, customers are entitled to avail free revisions and free concepts from different designers, on all our custom logo design packages and can take advantage of it at max.

Thanksgiving Special Deal
This season, 3 in 1 Thanksgiving Extravaganza is the most exciting logo and web design deal from Logo Design Pros. The deal offers 3 best selling design packages all in one package. With this deal, you can avail CMS website along with 10 Pages Web Content and 1 Month Link Building subscription at the most economical price of $1499 only. Each of these premium services includes various other design solutions that can give your business the most comprehensive online existence.
So, hurry up! Get yourself rewarded with Logo Design Pros exclusive Thanksgiving offer and celebrate this season by taking your business to the top. Contact our experts today and rate our quality services by leaving your views in Logo Design Pros Reviews. 


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