Thursday, July 17, 2014

0 A classy website designed for Almond Suppliers Business- Logo Design Pros reviews

When a company’s supply chain capabilities are directly aligned with its enterprise marketing and promotion strategy, the results tend to be superior performance and a strong market position. Spycher Brothers is one of Logo Design Pros prestigious clients who planned to give their business an online presence through a classy website with unique features. Spycher Brothers are leading suppliers of top quality almonds to industries, confectioneries and retailers. The client needed a web presence of their business with an inimitable website design that can speak about the quality of service they deliver. The expert designers of Logo Design Pros thoroughly analyzed the business operations of Spycher Brothers and designed an incredible website with innovation and artistry.

Logo Design Pros designer knows it well that it is important to develop a functional web design which should never be overlooked. Considering this, the designer picked an idea of feature rich design with high resolution pictures to give it a professional touch. Since, the client has selected Unlimited Wed design package to get a highly customized website. This package includes a custom build website with 1 year domain name registration and web hosting.

As we know, squeaky wheels get the grease and prominent visuals get the attention. Therefore, visual hierarchy is one of the most important principles behind good web design. For this reason, the User-Interface of this website was kept simple and easily accessible. It clearly defines the business objectives of Spycher Brothers and their supply chain process. To achieve precedence for this website, the expert designer of logo design pros used bold and subtle color with perfect contrast, position text tabs in right order that influence users to see it and give the web page an outstanding design element. Furthermore, the buttons around this website are easy to navigate.

Spycher Brothers is indeed another incredible addition to the Logo Design Pros web portfolio and is adhering to standards. For this reason, we have received many constructive Logo Design Pros reviews that depict our expertise of being professional. If you want to have a professional web design solution for your business, logo design pros gets you covered on everything.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

0 A ‘Dynamic’ logo for Construction Service providers- Logo Design Pros Reviews

custom logo designing
Today having a professional logo is the need of any business. It instills in the customer that it is a reputable company that takes pride in its image. In case of Construction companies, having a professional logo is especially important.

Dynamic Construction Services contacted Logo design pros after giving a glimpse to its huge portfolio that possesses up to par industry logo designs. The experts of Logo Design pros understand the idea of the company and created a remarkable typographic logo design with unique icon and professional color selection. The client recognized the worth of this design and admires the efforts of our team by giving positive logo design pros reviews.

Our expert team of Logo design pros always believes to design a proper logo for its customers, regardless of the size of the company. As the construction company wants to have its brand identity that is knowledgeable and can provide a high level of service along with the ability to construct reliable products. In this regard, the Dynamic Construction services needed such logo design which should seem up to par. Considering this Logo design pros expert designed their logo in a way that conveys the sense of reliability and professionalism to their consumers.

However, this logo design is simple and dynamic at a time. The iconic illustration showing an imagery of building inside Dynamic’s ‘D’, conveys true essence of brand identity. A good construction service logo design like Dynamic should represent all of these things without being too busy or containing too many varying images. The color selection of blue and black also depicts the connectivity of brand with industry and shows consistently good performance of their services that are able to be trusted.

This dynamic logo design is clear evidence to the creativity and expertise of Logo design pros team.  Therefore, having your construction logo design work done by the professionals of Logo design pros will ensure an appropriate image for your company. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

0 Magnificent Supermarket Brochure Design – Logo Design Pros Reviews

brochure designing

Logo Design Pros is a highly professional and affordable design company. For the last eight years, we have been designing high quality & exclusive brochures for more than 45 diverse industries. The Eduardo brochure is just another great addition to our rich and diverse portfolio which is a testament to the expertise of our designers. Our client was pretty much clear with the type of brochure he wanted us to design. After getting the brochure requirements, our expert designers conducted an in-depth research on the client’s business & industry and came up with the idea of merging both illustrations and real time images of fruits and people shopping for them. 

Brochure has enormous advertising power, but to activate this power it requires a tailored to perfection brochure design. Logo Design pros is famous for creating such kind of brochures that not only help businesses to get great success in their  marketing plan, but also efficiently conveys the client’s message to its target audience. In particular case of Eduardo Brochure, our designers used natural color Green with high quality images of fresh fruits & vegetable. They also include some store interior images to provide its clientele what type & standard of service delivered in our client’s store. 

Are you interested in getting an astounding brochure design like Eduardo? Call us now or simply visit our website to start your brochure design project today.  Logo Design pros offers an affordable brochure design solution that just starts from 99$ only.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

0 Pet Store Logo Design Ideas

logo designingThere are numerous companies offering versatile range of new pet services for example pet sitting and grooming services. More Luxury boutiques and kennel services are beginning to cater to people who want only the best products and services for their pets. To depict the type of pet services you need a custom logo design. A custom logo will not only help to portray your products and services in a professional way, but it will also make a statement about your business that has strong appeal to the target audience. 

Make a Statement
Try to understand the relationship between pets and their owners. People value their veterinary considerably, and some even go as far as they are treated like family members. Give people the impression that you are a company that cares about the health and happiness of animals. If your are offering service to the people who do the minimum care of their pets with in minimum budget then your logo should focus on value of money and convenience. In contrast to this, if you are offering services to high-end customers who spend a fortune on their pets, in this case your logo should hint prestige and exclusivity in its design. 

Appropriate Use of Pet Images 
Pets are usually cute; you can take this as an advantage and include a pet image that is close to your business genre. Pets can look great for efficient depiction of a pet business in the form of cartoons or more realistic or abstract forms. There are a variety of domestic animals and species which could be represented in so many different ways. 

Color Choice
Pet shop logos are usually more colorful than logo of other industries. To keep your logo clutter-free, Logo Design Pros suggests you that do not use more than three colors.  Minimal use of colors also makes it easier when it comes to printing, faxing and other branding purposes.  

Lettering and Fonts
Usually casual font style can work well for designs in this sector. Comic and fun font styles are ideal for the logo design of pet stores, but in case of pet care service provider, straight and corporate font style would be best suited. 

Communication with the Designers
For the best chance of getting a logo that is a perfect match with your business you should inform your designers carefully. Let them know exactly what kind of products and services you sell and how they differ from other market players. Give them some profiles of their regular customers so they can design something that appeals to these people directly.
To get a best possible start of your pet store, it is essential that you invest a little time and effort to get a professionally developed logo design.

Monday, March 17, 2014

0 Free Logo Design – Is it the Right Choice?

logo designing

Logo is a graphical identity that represents the profile, nature and attitude of your business. In this article we will try to explain you the importance of a custom logo design v/s free logo design.

An impressive logo will play a significant role in building your business identity in any competitive industry. Most of the successful businesses understand this aspect quite well which is why they spend their time & money to ensure they have an extraordinary and unique logo that will be valued and honored by the people and stakeholders. There are several of examples found around us that signify the importance and impact of a professionally developed logo just like world’s most popular beverage brands: Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Most of the best logos of the world are created by professional logo design firms like Logo Design Pros, where expert designers and quality assurance confirms the standard and creativity to the best of an art with a point of view of functionality and effectiveness. Remember that a logo is not only a good looking graphic object, but it’s more like a marketing tool. On your letterhead, business cards or web page you have to carry your corporate identity i.e. Logo.

Although, some companies offer you a free logo design to promote their services with different packages. Here it’s very important that which company is offering and how long the company is in the industry. Because a professional development company will never compromise with the quality and uniqueness of its designs. So in this particular case we can say yes free logo is worth it.

To get a professional designed logo you need a well-established design company who has many years of experience in creating high quality and unique designs. Your search for such company ends here; for last eight years Logo Design Pros has been creating unique and tailored to perfection logos for more than 45 diverse industries. Our logos are not only in vector formats, but we also give you full ownership and copyright protection of the logo that ensures no one else can copy it. In addition to this, Logo Design Pros offers you free custom stationery set design that includes letterhead, business card and envelope.   

Free template based options sounds a funny kind of thing and could not give that wow factor for your amazing or corporate brand. You can do a comparison between a free logo design with our hundreds of professionally developed logos present in our portfolio. This will help you to decide the best for your business.  

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