Friday, April 10, 2015

1 Logo Design Pros Reviews Mega- Sites and its Navigation

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 For many websites navigation is often not very challenging. For basics a simple navigation bar, supported by sub navigation bars is enough. The purpose of a navigation bar is to show the parent, children and siblings of the current page. But this traditional navigation falls short for one class of websites; let’s refer to them as “Mega-sites”. A mega sized is typically owned by a typically large organization that consists of a massive range of products and services, portfolios or even a diverse range of campaigns. These websites are usually extremely large, they are many levels deep, they are also made up of numerous subsections and micro websites, and they cater to a large number of audiences, and have multiple entry points. Due to their size and complexity they require some of the exceptional navigational tools. It can be pretty challenging to work on mega websites with traditional navigation.

According to many designers it is not possible to implement traditional navigation on such mega websites. Navigation to an extent can only house three levels; beyond that only two things occur. Either the navigation reached up to that point where more screen is dedicated to navigation links than to content. Or either the high number of pages is no longer included in the navigation. In the second case if the user is deep within your website they will lose track of where they are as they won’t be able to see where the current page fits within the website. 

There are many solutions available to above mentioned problems. Designers of Logo Design Pros were asked to share tips and solutions and here are what they come up with. Firstly, what designers can do to work on the navigation of mega websites is to add standalone documents on the websites and add Meta data. Users will be able to find the respective section with appropriate combinations of search and navigation tabs. Secondly another helpful tip is to divide the website into micro sites each related to different information regarding the offering of the websites. Dividing the websites into micro websites also allows the designers to design he websites differently than the other, add the full content as well.    


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