Friday, May 3, 2013

2 Glitzern Logo by Logo Design Pros

Logo Design Pros is one of the leading logo design companies. The Logo Design Pros’ portfolio boasts a breadth of talent and expertise of its designers who have crafted creative, appealing logos for more than 45 diverse industries. The Logo Design Pros portfolio demonstrates creative use of design trends used for designing logos.

Glitzern is one of the creative logo designs available in Logo Design Pros portfolio. Glitzern is a professional photography company. The logo is a mix of typography and illustration. The logo has a grayish black background that denotes power and energy. Black is also the color of hidden, secretive powers.

The design of the logo is made of the color white that represents purity and innocence. The color white also symbolizes a new beginning. It is the color of perfection and excellence. The designer has creatively played with the color by using the lighter hues of both the colors. This merges the colors perfectly well and creates visual harmony.

Bold fonts is a symbol of seriousness and professionalism and the typography in the logo represents that the organization is experienced and proficient in providing quality photography services. The all-caps imply that the brand has strong authority over its profession. Also, the all-caps font forms a box shape that represents the compactness and comprehensiveness of its services.

The designer has gimmicked with the letter ‘G” in the image to give an artistic touch to the logo. The camera clearly tells what the company is all about. The emblem uses straight, block lines to represent the steadfastness and firmness of the brand.

Glitzern, which can rightly be termed as a gem in Logo Design Pros’ portfolio, speaks volumes about the creativity and talent of the company’s masterful designers.  The budding young designers should try and learn from the numerous design masterpieces that the Logo Design Pros portfolio contains.


  1. Loving the use of letter "G" as the camera lens.. Wish it would had a bit more color! Nevertheless, Good addition to Logo Design Pros portfolio.

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