Tuesday, May 14, 2013

3 Providing Exceptional Logo Design Services Around the Globe

Logo Design Pros, a premier logo design company, has provided first-rate logo and web design services to the clients around the globe. They key to our success lies in our talented designers who have worked for more than 45 different industries, producing top-quality, professional designs according to our clients’ specific requirements. Logo Design Pros services are highly customized that lend our customers a leading edge over their competitors. What’s more, our services are highlight affordable, and we not only serve the design needs of large organizations but also small- and medium-sized companies and even startups with limited financial resources.

The Logo Design Pros services have gained well-earned reputation for their creativity and professionalism, designed for all types of customers and organizations. The GWG Outlet logo is a great example of the creative genius of our ace designers, and is another gem of Logo Design Pros services. GWG Outlet is a gift shop that offers a wide range of gift items. In the logo, the designer has skillfully used 3 different colors to build a strong and impactful visual identity.

The red color stimulates people to take quick decision and connotes warmth and joy. Gifts are the means to express love and the red color in the emblem truly reflects those feelings. In some cultures, red is also the color of traditional gifts such as Christmas gifts and 40th wedding gifts. The grey color of the outlet maintains the color coherency and represents endurance of the gift items. Grey is a cool, neutral color that indicates the formal and sophisticated collection of the gift store.

The illustration in the logo represents the Ram that is symbol of pride and honor. The symbol in the emblem shows that gift items of GWG outlet will win the hearts of the recipient of the gift. These gifts are a symbol of pride as they are unique and exclusive. The typography of the logo is well-spaced that represents firmness and stability. It also represents the consistency of quality gift items available at the store.

The GWG outlet logo clearly demonstrates the talent and creativity of Logo Design Pros services. We provide strong branding solutions that are divided into different categories, depending on various business needs and budgets. The Logo Design Pros services aim to provide nothing but the best to its clients.


  1. Good addition to logodesignpros portfolio! love the curvature in the "W" in this logo..

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