Thursday, May 2, 2013

3 The Classy Logo of After 10

Logo Design Pros has crafted for a number of companies and individuals. Logo Design Pros portfolio is a testament to the skill and expertise of professional logo designers. Logo Design Pros Portfolio contains highly creative logos for more than 45 industries. After 10 is one of their artistic logos, designed for a designer shoe boutique. The brand offers custom-made and well-designed shoes for girls above the age of 10. The logo is a mix of typography and illustration. The pink and black shoe in the logo represents their unique shoe collection. The pink color represents the feminine touch while black defines classiness. The designer has creatively placed “10” in the shoe that talks about the skills of the designer.

In the After 10 logo that is available in Logo Design Pros Portfolio, you can see the designer has used sleek and thin fonts throughout, representing the sophistication and elegance of the brand. The Helvetica font, a san Serif font, is a symbol of simplicity. As is clearly evident, overall the designer has maintained the simplicity of the brand by using minimal design elements and simple fonts.

The name of the brand is written in orange color font that depicts creativity and innovation. Orange is a color that stimulates creativity and maintains endurance. It also portrays that the brand is committed to producing quality shoes. The brand depicts itself as a symbol of style and grandeur.

The second half of the brand name is written in pink color to show the compassion and dedication of the brand in producing branded shoes. The color pink is a mixture of red and white color. The red color depicts action and passion while white symbolizes genuineness. The power and passion of the red color is softened with the pureness of white color. The combination red and white produces a pink hue that represents gentle love and care that the designers at After 10 practice to produce the unique collection of shoes.

The emblem contains curvy lines at the top of the image and the sides of the text. It represents the sophistication and flexibility of the brand. The double-curved lines create an image of contour curves that represents idealism and buoyancy of the brand. 

After 10, a great addition to Logo Design Pros portfolio, that speaks volumes about the creativity and skills of the designers. Logo Design Pros portfolio can be an inspiration to young designers as it contains the creative incorporation of design trends in various industries.


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  2. It's an elegant logo for sure!

  3. This pink is so chic! interesting logo design..



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