Wednesday, September 19, 2012

0 Bringing your Brand’s Message Alive with Animated Videos

In today’s world, every brand - big or small, product based or service based, market leader or new entrant, has a website of its own. The problem nowadays is not to create the website, but the real deal is to retain visitors on your webpage, so that your desired communication can be made effectively to them. According to a recent research, the percentage of page views that lasted more than 10 minutes is just 4% of entire webpage browsing done. For the retention of your customers on your website, your website needs to have attention getting content; and nothing gets more attention than a professionally animated video.

Animated videos are engaging for your website visitors, giving them something interesting and interactive on your webpage. Instead of piling thousands of words and statistics in a textual form, an animated video gives you a chance to grab their attention and communicate using a powerful mix of images, motion, text, voice, graphs, sound effects and music in a short amount of time.

Not only does an animated video helps your website becomes attractive, but it also increase your probability of appearing on top of the Google search results. A presence on You Tube, and embedding video on your site, gives you a more than 50% chance of a Google front-page search result. With correct use of tags and keyword while uploading this video on video sharing platforms such as YouTube, would also increase the probability of your video showing up in the search using those keywords.

Moreover, with the virality of interesting and informative video marketing campaigns can help you in two ways: Firstly, by getting your brand’s message across to an exponentially vast audience by online video sharing on social media and secondly, by increasing the webpage visits by initiating interest through videos and redirecting them to your website. Comparing the mileage and visibility through such a video campaign is considerably more than the amount spent on getting an animated video made professionally.

With the vast choice of what images, sounds and all other information to include, making an animated video is like painting a blank canvas with your desired colors. Make sure that you communicate your requirements and expectations from the video to your designer it communicates your desired message effectively along with being in coherence with your brand identity as well as the overall website.


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