Saturday, August 18, 2012

0 3 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs a Mobile Web Design

Imagine being a brand manager in the 1980’s – Would you have thought about the possibility of an ever-accessible medium of communication through internet that can actually help boost your brand presence and moreover, add to your turnover? Now it is not that hard to imagine with almost every brand having an online existence through its website and people placing orders with just one click of a mouse.

But the continuously evolving mediums of communications have added more value to mobile phone technology. With the increase in the use of Smart phones, mobile phones are not merely just a calling or messaging device anymore. People now prefer using internet on their smart phones rather on a desktop PC. This trend, while opening various opportunities for website owners, also poses the challenge of developing a mobile website design other than the usual website as most of the desktop websites are not optimized as per the resolution of smart phones and tablet screens. So if you are still on the fence about going for a mobile website, here are 3 reasons that may convince you to go for it:

1.      Increasing Your Website Traffic:

With Smartphone sales taking over the PC sales and an astonishing 378% increase in the sales of tablets and hand-held devices, the consumer base has shifted towards the usage of internet through smart phones or other handheld devices. With more than 74 million consumers in the United States alone already shopping from their mobile devices (Source: InMobi study, 2011) and 28% consumers in U.K only admitting to purchasing items using their phone (as per the 2012 survey shared in Google Engage event), there is no doubt that a mobile website design would help gain more visits from your customers and translate into better online sales.

2.      Giving a Tech-forward outlook:

A website serves as a window into the company’s as well as brand’s ideology and personality; therefore a technologically apt website would help in creating a better brand perception. A responsive web design i.e. a website design that adjusts and adapts itself: the alignment, the text and the images, as per the viewing layout of the device should be used. Internet Giants like Google now follow “Mobile First” policy developing new applications and tools first on mobiles. A website optimized for mobiles gives the users a better viewing and browsing experience.

3.      Targeting People On The Move:

Long gone are the days when the internet browsing was limited to sitting in one place on a desktop, people now use internet on the go 24/7. A mobile website design would help you cater the people on the move. The importance of having a mobile web design becomes even more crucial if your product/service deals with people who travel a lot e.g. hotel, airline, financial institutions which would make it easier for them to access your website anywhere with information visible without any hindrance.

These 3 are just the crust of what adapting a mobile web design can do for your brand and your website. Now Logo Design Pros offers the mobile web designing for as low as $299 with 100% satisfaction guarantee. With unlimited revisions, it is ensured that customers get the desired mobile website design for their business.


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