Wednesday, August 15, 2012

0 Choosing the Right Color for Your Logo

What comes in your mind when someone says “Red”? Your answers might vary from emotional states, such as passionate or angry, to various things you use in your daily life, such as your favorite red shirt or a Chinese restaurant you visit often. Colors have the ability to create association in the human mind with people, places and things you find the color most prominently. That is the reason designers all over the world make use of the “Color Power” in their logos. Here are 3 reasons why you should be using colors as your aide while designing a logo:

Creating Association

Why U.S Republican Party associates itself with red color and Democrat Party does the same with blue? The key is to establish sound associations between brands and consumers through usage of color.  This association helps in brand recall when customer sees that particular color. This is the reason why you might feel the desire to drink Coke once you see the red-colored coke bottle during American Idol.

Communicating the Brand Essence

The color you choose for your logo should communicate what personality of your brand is and what does it truly stands for.  The green color in The Body Shop’s logo represents the eco-friendly ideology behind the brand while I.T related brands such as Intel and Facebook use Blue in their logos to communicate the element of smartness, progress and trust.

Differentiating From Others

Pepsi has changed its logo, giving more prominence to blue color in their logo as well as in their overall marketing communication, with the sole aim of disassociating itself with Red, the color of Coke. The color can provide your logo the ability to be memorable and distinguishable among the rest of your competitors. 

Most important thing to remember while choosing a color is how the target audience of your brand would respond to the color of your logo. A single color has different meanings among different audience based on their perception and environmental influence. But when you have chosen the right color for your logo, you have definitely hit the bulls-eye.


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