Tuesday, February 14, 2012

0 Does custom designed logo help increase brand equity?

Prior to commencement of discussion on the topic, first we need to know what custom logo design is and brand equity? – Separately.

Custom logo design means designing of logo as per the needs and requirements of a client with genuine creation process. This means that the logo has not been created using a template and it’s a unique creation altogether. There are online design companies which are providing genuine custom logo designing services which are credible and reliable with their designing and payment process, such as www.logodesignpros.com and www.infinitylogodesign.com

Brand Equity is basically the perceived value of a brand in the eyes and minds of its target audience. It is the created value through brand perception building activities that help to create brand equity. The better the perception, the greater is your brand equity.

Now, to answer the topic of discussion, I personally believe that custom logo design does help to increase brand equity. How? Let’s look at the following points.

  • Customers perceive good or bad thoughts about a logo. If the logo is creatively designed keeping customers in mind, then it will definitely leave a good impression which will boost the brand equity. Otherwise if the logo is template based, then it just does not create a separate identity and does not have a favorable impact on target audience.
  • A custom designed logo always has a rationale or logic behind its creation which is usually shared by the logo designer with the client. This separates a custom designed logo from a template based logo. A template based logo can never have rationale which is exactly suited to client’s needs. Since the product for which the logo is being created has a separate name and USPs, therefore it deserves to have a custom designed logo.


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