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0 10 WordPress Plug-Ins to Enhance the Website Performance

Logo Design Pros review some of the best WordPress plug-ins that will help to improve the performance of a website and have it load much faster. Within the broad spectrum of content management systems that can be found on the Internet, WordPress is one of the most versatile CMS web & blog development platforms.  It is a good tool for anyone looking to launch a project on the Internet and have a flexible, versatile, open and constantly evolving platform.

While developing a website, most web developers, usually pay much attention to the functionality, design or content, but there is another key pillar that sometimes they ignore despite its importance i.e. Website Performance. Yes, the performance and operation of a website are the key aspects that web developers shouldn’t  ignore, no matter how good the content of a website, if the page takes too much time ot load, it may lose its visitor. A good website must have a good response time, loaded fast or present optimized images rather than not to display or load. Those aspects can also be managed via WordPress plug-ins.

Need some website optimization? Do you have gaps in it? If you have questions regarding whether your website needs some optimization, a good way to find out is by going to Google Page Speed ​​Insights and evaluate. See what score it gives to your website with respect to the response times offered.

Using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) could be a good choice with which "lighten" the load on web hosting server and it also contribute to improved web performance. the optimization of your database is an another task to undertake, use external services such as Dropbox for images also help unload quite a burden and even implement a cache that has "pre-loaded" to serve pages.

Lazy Load for Videos
Lazy Load for Video is an interesting addition to WordPress installation that will allow us to lighten your website pages that offers embedded videos. With this plug-in a picture is inserted instead of video preview and only if the user decides to click on the video, then the video container on the page loads. In other words, this add a video code from YouTube or Vimeo into an image that contains an icon for "Video Playback" is replaced, in this way, the page will load much earlier and only the container is loaded video for users who really do click to display the content.

Lazy Load WordPress
Lazy Load WordPress is a plug-in that follows the same path as Lazy Load for videos since their purpose is simply to speed up page loading by optimizing the display of multimedia content. In this case, Lazy Load WordPress puts the focus on the images with the intention not to upload photos that have not yet arrived when we are visiting a website.
Specifically, WordPress Lazy Load played with the scroll and only goes loading pictures as visitor progress in reading, i.e. loading images is sequential and as we move forward in reading the content (minimizing the waiting time).

Prizm Image
Prizm Image is a plug-in that puts the focus on the images attached to our articles published at WordPress blog. Its mission is to optimize our site load by adapting the size of the images to make the charge time less. Prizm Image compression techniques applied to photographs in JPG format and also compress images in PNG and GIF format to make something lighter.
To use this plug-in you have to check into the web service but the use is free, so no major drawback in using this supplement.

WP Performance Pack
WP Performance Pack is an interesting plugin that enables you to improve the performance of our WordPress installation using a simple control panel / optimization. Is specifically targeted to web sites that are using translations, for example, the backoffice of WordPress, a feature that helps to run in the background, it also involves resource dedicated to translation.
We may implement a cache for translations, deactivate or activate them only to specific users. We may also display graphs of performance and evaluate the response of our WordPress versus "clean facilities" without translation that have enabled the cache.

Performance Monitoring, Analytics by FuelDeck
Performance Monitoring, Analytics by FuelDeck is a plugin that allows us to integrate interesting within our website, the functionality offered by the service FuelDeck . To use this plug-in we need to open an Fuel Deck account (there is a free mode) and, from there, we can measure key aspects of the operation of our website: loading time performance monitoring, total pages, or even get an idea of how our website works on different browsers.

Google PageSpeed Insights for WordPress
 It’s a  WordPress plug-in designed by Google that allow us to  measure the loading time of a website, detect errors or issues to optimize and get the value that Google gives to our website. To analyze a website site via WordPress dashboard is very comfortable and certainly will help us a lot to improve the website performance and make it more enjoyable for its visitors.

Autoptimize is oriented to "reorganize" the code of a web and join it with the HTML, CSS and JavaScript under a "single package" that allows bandwidth saving that also organizes the web burdens. It allows a web page to load faster without a need to perform code inspection. The website is directly optimized with the help of this plug-in.

AIO Cache & Performance
It’s a complete tool that aims to speed up of loading pages. Because a memory is storing pages pre-loaded instead of building on the fly when a request is generated. Moreover, to improve the performance of a website, AIO & Performance Cache also performs code optimization and move layout of CSS and Java Scripts to lighten the load on the website.

PHP / MySQL CPU performance statistics
PHP / MySQL CPU performance statistics is a plug-in, designed to evaluate the performance of the web server. The plug-in performs a series of tests that evaluate the response of the database to basic operations (reading records, deleting records) and also how the CPU responds to the server. It provides interesting information that will help us in verifying if the hosting is acceptable or should we look for the different web hosting.

Performance Optimization: Order Styles and JavaScriptPerformance Optimization: Order Styles and JavaScript is another aimed at improving the WordPress code and to reorganize the HTML, CSS and JavaScript for faster loading pages and provide better performance to the user.


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